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BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND INTERNATIONAL BOARDS In its literal meaning, Business is an organized approach to providing customers with the goods and services they need. Over the years, Business Administration has evolved into a formal field of study that includes engineering, medical, and closely-related Economics. The dynamics of business administration changed with the growth and development of business schools in America, Europe, and Asia. More research was conducted

What makes a Business Administration graduate a success?

What Can You Do in Five Years? Business administration essay examples is a versatile degree. There are many career options after graduation. To be successful and efficient, every business requires some level of management. This is where a business administration degree can be very useful. Business administration graduates typically work in the top management levels to ensure that the business runs at its full potential.

Research by Small Business Administration shows that only half of new businesses survive the first five years, and only one-third survive next ten years. It is clear that the reverse is true. If only half of the new businesses survive the first five years, then 50% will fail within the next five years. It can also be concluded that approximately 65% of new businesses fail to make it past the ten-year mark. Forbes also reports a grim statistic based on Bloomberg

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