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I was hoping to get some help in finding Plastic End Caps for Standard Grease Gun Couplings. I have checked with several molding companies and found fitting caps of all makes & colors. I have seen several tethered type black plastic caps on grease guns before & would like to obtain some more to reduce cotamination while guns are not in use. If you have any information on where I might purchase something please let me know. I appreciate your efforts.
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You know, that's a good question. Everytime I buy a new Lincoln grease gun it comes with a cap. Problem is I can't find replacement caps on their website. I just shot them a email and inquired if I could buy them seperatly. I'll post the reply they send me when I get it.

Got a reply from Lincoln today. Yes they do make and they do sell the grease gun zerk fitting coupler caps (not the caps for zerk fitting's). The Lincoln part number is 271517. You should be able to order them from anyone that sell's Lincoln products. I'll be stoping by my local machinery dealer (who's a Lincoln distributor) and ordering 2 dozzen of them. I'm glad you asked about them because I probably would never have contacted them unless someone else asked.

By the way. If you need the caps for the actual zerk grease fitting's they do have them listed in their online catalog. You can also get them from most any equipment supplier like MSC, McMaster Carr, Gran*** etc...

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