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Read our primer articles on Grease Guns and Oil Sight Glasses.

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For Centrifugal Compressors you should take the recommendations of ASTM D-4378 (Guidelines for Oil Analysis in Gas and Steam Turbines), even if the Compressor is driven by an electrical motor.

So, limits for ISO Code are between ISO 16/14/11 and ISO 18/16/13, depending of criticity, etc.

On the other hand for filter rating, "standard filter media is 10 microns", doesn't define correctly the characteristics of the filter element.

You should review API 614, where the Beta Ratio for Oil and Gas Industries (Chapter 2), is Beta 10 > 10, and Beta 15 > 200. You should installa fiber glass filter elements.

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Dear Stephen,

as per my consideration, I am agree with Schmid. but:
* Just put the acceptance criteria only for the last digit of ISO Cleanliness Class (Particle which are > 14 micron)
In this case, the last digit of ISO Cleanliness code shall no exceeding 13
* Analyze this cleanliness at Filter downstream (after filter line which will supplied to bearing)


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