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Read our primer article on Infrared Thermography.

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Can't wait to find out what a peckerhead is. I've been called one a few times.

IR doesn't care if the view it totally unobstructed or not as long as you have a clear field of vision between the lense and a single part of what you are trying to inspect. If here is a loose connection the area around it(possible up to several inches of the wire) will heat up. So If you see something then disassembly might be required to completly determine the absolute temperature differential and hence the severity catagory or level.

At what point do you want to detect the problem? That more than anything else will tell you if you need to remove the cover from the "peckerhead", "Stuffing Box", "Connection Box' and or "Dog House" Big Grin

The problem is when looking at the cover can one say with absolute resolve, "No there is not a problem"! I would want the cover off, yep you need to observe safe proceedures for removing the cover, as for a window that would be one answer that one could be comfortable with in performing a good inspection
Anytime we have had an elevated terminal box temperature, we have had poor connections inside.

If we suspect bad connections in a box, we will take IR at another location (i.e. conduit, pull box, ect..)on the circuit to verify that the temp. is not being caused by the current flow.

We do not remove the cover on an energized piece of equipment to perform IR. We will obtain a clearance, remove the cover, re-energize the equipment, and take IR to verify that there is a problem. It may take longer to perform work this way but, it is much safer.
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