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Page 11: "Lube Specialist Praises AMSOIL Motorcycle Oil

You’ll notice by my signature below that I am an employee of Chevron Global
lubricants division. I originally worked for Amoco at the R&D facility before
moving into marketing, and while in that role, Chevron bought our lubricants
business right after I moved to Florida.
All in all, I have more than 34 years of experience in fuels and lubricants
testing, development and tech service support.
I own three motorcycles that I either drive on the street or race. What I wanted
to share with you today is my experience with my drag bike.
It is a Yamaha Roadstar Warrior. Originally built as a power cruiser, but now it
is stretched, slammed and built to run on E-85 fuel and nitrous oxide. I have
taken this bike from a fun street cruiser to a beast that wants to jump out from
under me every time I snap the throttle.
The engine is putting out more than three times the horsepower it was
originally built with, and with the highly oxygenated fuel, nitrous and severe
use, I have been battling cylinder and piston ring distress for a couple of
years. Essentially, whenever I did a teardown, there was evidence of streaking
aggravated by the high cylinder pressures and fuel dilution.
Since Chevron does not make motorcycle oils, I have had to try many of the
“other” different motor oils, all synthetic. To make a long story short, I should
have read your white paper on motorcycle oil testing. It would have saved
me at least three premature teardowns. Bottom line – the AMSOIL 20W-50
Synthetic Motorcycle Oil has completely solved my problems. I have
been running it for over a year now, and compression and leakdown have
stayed at the exact level as when the engine was freshly rebuilt. This weekend,
I tore down the top end to try a new piston ring combination, and thhad absolutely NO sign of streaking or other wear-related distress. Bottom line –
the AMSOIL 20W-50
Synthetic Motorcycle Oil
has completely solved
my problems.

Also, all other clearances, including valve lash and valve guide and bearing,
have stayed the same. This is truly remarkable.
In my training endeavors, I run into a lot of end users who are high
performance junkies just like me. I have no problem sharing my experience
with the AMSOIL products. In fact, just last month, I gave some lubricant
training to 187 instructors at the UTI technical school in Orlando. I made it very
clear that I was a big fan of yours.
Thank you so much for the great product.
Best Regards,
Sam Vallas
Training Specialist
Chevron Global Lubricants

customer Sam Vallas trusts AMSOIL
Synthetic Motorcycle Oil to deliver the
power he needs."

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Originally posted by johnpr3:

I'm not really sure of the significance of your post, but perhaps you should check your propaganda before spamming us. I couldn't find your Sam Vallas on the STLE page under Chevron Global Lubricants.

Propaganda? Spam? Significance? Several members have posted asking for motorcycle oil information. I thought it was interesting and apparently you and several others thought so as well. I found him listed on the site as an instructor at the 2011 STLE Meeting .

Basic Engine: 2:00-3:00 PM

This presentation will cover basic engine design and API /ILSAC Testing and certification.

Taught by Sam Vallas, Chevron. Mr. Vallas has been A Journeyman mechanic for Buick and Chevrolet, Vehicle mechanic for US Army field artillery, Salesman for Sun Electric Automotive Analyzers and Tune Up Equipment, 15 years as technician at Amoco’s Automotive Research Center developing and testing fuels and lubricants, Ran Amoco’s wind tunnel dynamometer facility, Provided technical support for all racing programs including NASCAR, NHRA, and CART, Helped develop Amoco’s synthetic motor oils, diesel specific engine oils, and two cycle engine oils, 19 Years lubrication marketing and tech service support for commercial and industrial lubricants in US and Caribbean. Currently he is Training Specialist for Chevron Global Lubricants. His hobbies include Two Grandsons and a Granddaughter, and motorcycle racing.

ATF Fluids: 3:00-4:00 PM

This presentation will cover basic automatic transmission design and pass through current OEM Fluid Specifications.

Taught by Sam Vallas, Chevron. See bio above.
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