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Where we work there is a large fleet of various types of equipment. Times are slow and we need to decide if we can park our equipment and not change the fluids as recommended by the manufacturer. Our fleet is located in the desert with low humidity levels. And why is it ok to store bulk fluids in large tanks and not worry about contamination?
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For equipment that will be setting for extended periods of time that you want to keep "ready" for use I would recommend a procedure much like used for back up generators. Once a month start the equipment and cycle it's systems. Let it get to operating temperature and then shut back down. If your talking a period of years I would take a oil sample at least once a year and monitor the fluids condition. Let the oil analysis dictate when and if the oil needs to be changed.

You may also want to consider Agricultural style oils - engine oils, transmission/hydraulic oils and diff oils. Most oil companies specially make them. Alot of these oils have an internal corrosion protector or vapour phase inhibitor additive in them.

It's design to be used in mobile farm equipment that only work part of the year.
Now we are getting some where. I like the idea of setting up a scheduled monthly start and cycle. And at six month intervals do a “Bleed and Feed” along with oil samples. Now I need to do a cost break down and compare.
Another problem is the “bio-fuel” we are using. At extended shutdown periods we are experiencing a “gumming” up of the fuel system. We were hoping to find a fuel additive to slow this down.
Thanks to all. Feel free to add to topic if you can.
If your using bio-fuel and plan on leaving it in the tank for extended periods of time I highly recommend the additive route. Your going to need something to help stabilize the fuel for extended storage. If you have moisture problems with your fuel I would also recommend using a biocide in diesel fuel to combat microbial growth. Along with a good fuel additive it should prevent fuel problems. You can check out my website for some options in fuel additives.
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