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Currently we are using Mobil Delvac 1340 for Detroit ( G-702) Diesel Engine,In Nomember 2015 for Maintenance purpose we have refill fresh lube oil doing analysis after 17 hrs running,it seems that Molybdenum valuse decrease 135 ppm to 55 ppm?
Viscosity also decrease from 110 to 99 ppm?
Need expert opinion regarding this matter

Chevron Bangaldesh
Original Post
Dear Feroje,
You received the above problems after refilling by new oil. The best solution is the analysis of this fresh oil. I hope you will see lower level of Mo in this fresh oil (Mo as anti-foam additive can vary from batch to batch) and may be lower viscosity (however reduce viscosity of used diesel oils usually due to fuel dilution especially at idling). By the way, the kinematic viscosity is measure in centistokes, but not in ppm.

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