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Read our primer articles on Vibration Analysis and Laser Alignment Tools.

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we have used numerous vibration analysis systems and the one we currently use is a portable system that either measure balance of rotatin components or vibration using transducers. the company that manufactures it is out of michigan. they are balance systems corporation and i think there listed in the yellow pages. or there website i think is . anyway, we use there portable system to measure vibration on some machines and to balance spindles and so on. its a handy system and we use it allot to gauge all the machines we have periodically.
Originally posted by Gavin:
Our company has carried out a lot of research and application into Diesel engine Vibration/stresswave analysis. If you send me your email address I will forward a paper I presented in November 06 at a condition monitoring conference.



gavin, can I also have a copy of your presentation about Diesel Engine vibration analysis? We are having problem also on the vibration aside from high water coolant temp. Thanks and more power...

I just want to share some facts on a Diesel Engine and Generator set to get some professional opinions.

I took vibe measurements for 2 identical 2220 HP/16 pistons diesel engine driving a 1500 KW Generator.

Vibration spectra measurements on the 4 bearings look similar for both units. But one of them show 5 to 10 times higher .5X and 1.5X levels on the four bearings. I think the probem is combustion related like misfiring or uneven piston force.

Any opinion is welcome and more data can be shared.


Hi Gavin,

Would u like to give me your copy of presentation too... I need that, bcoz i have any problem to justified about engine condition. From ISO 10816-6 Standard, my engine has a high vibration level and it is pass from the standard. And i have some problem about justification any auxiliary machine near from the engine diesel, because that have effect the vibration from diesel engine.

And for all member, if u have recommendation please reply my question or u can send an email..

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