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We have an application on a cableway where we need to grease rigging blocks that are 300' off the ground and approximately 40' from the face of a vertical tower. See attachment. The towers luff or tilt 30' side to side. Consequently any grease piping that we may run from the towers must flex to accomodate this. Ideas??
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You could put a series progressive divider valve on the tower and run grease lines to the points on the rigging blocks. I am assuming there are only 1 point per rigging block? This would allow you to lubricate all the points from a single point on the ground. It might take a bit of hydraulic hose to do, but the job would be easy to do and save time. The cost of the divider, hose fittings etc would probably be under $800. Drop me an email if you want more info


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