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In the application of my diesel pusher motorhome I use dino ATF for the Vickers hydrostatic fan/power steering system. Basicly a hydraulic system VI numbers or viscosity is the single most important factor in the selection of the fluid.
I'm contemplating replacing the ATF with a full synthetic ATF ( specifically Redline High Temperature Synthetic ATF). I've tried to get a responce from Redline to see if they have conducted Vickers M 2952S pump test using the 35VQ25A rotary vane pump.
Physical compatability isn't a problem but I want a high VI number with good starting viscosity at ambient temperature.
Does anyone have knowledge that would help me with this decision?
thanks , dave
Original Post
Check out AMSOIL Synthetic ATF - V.I. 182 at

Recommended for applications requiring the following specifications:

GM; Dexron II, Dexron III (GM 6297M, 6417M)
Ford; Mercon, Mercon V
Chrysler; ATF+ through ATF+4
Allison; C-3 & C-4
Caterpillar; TO-2 & TO-3
Voith G1363
Honda; Z-1
Mitsubishi Diamond SP II & III
GM Strasbourg (European Imports) and Opel
Toyota; Type T and T-IV
Vickers I 286S & M2950S

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