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UEC Dynamic Demulsibility Endurance Test
Resistance to demulsibility washing out under repeated exposures to large
volumes of water. This test measures the ability of lubricants to dynamically separate from water while under controlled operating conditions of flow rate, residence time, temperature, and water introduction.
The candidate lubricant’s ability to perform well on this test is the most important indication of an oils expected performance in actual use.

Test Protocol for UEC Dynamic Demulsibility Endurance Test
Temperature: 125 F +/- 2 F (52C +/- 1C)
Residence Time: 30 minutes
Water Introduction Rate: 5% of lubricant flow rate
Test Duration: 5 hours
Dear John,

Nice information, but could you be a bit more detailed. The only thing I could find within ASTM is ASTM D2711 and ASTM D1401, but no reference to "Dynamic Demulsibility." You refer to 30 minutes and 5 hours, but do not specify the actions or motions during that time frame. More information or references would be appreciated.
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