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Dear all

Recently I was in connection with my job asked if it would be possible to clean fuel oil with an electrostatic filter. Can any of you experts help me on this topic?

Info Fuel oil viscosity: max 700 cst at 50 degrees Celsius.

this can beheated to 120 degrees celsius resulting in a viscosity of max 20 cst.
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OILKLEEN has been performing on-road and off-road testing of fuel oils and have amazing results using our patented electrostatic process. Non of this information is on our website or published to the public yet, but feel free to call me and we can discuss if your interested.

Paul Jarvis
I understand from a couple of sources that this is very possible and beneficial, but some issues.
Suposedly any electrostatic system will have positive effects, but it's imperative that the electrostatic system used doesn't have the potential for sparking in the element or cleaning vessel. I don't have personal experience using all of them, but have seen that some may not be intrinsically safe in their design.
There are submicronic type (down to 0.07 um) magnetic filtration and plus special additives to overcome the rust and metallic particles coming from the tankk systems. These also enable to reduce the static discharge by reducing the ionic metal particles from the system. Additive like Polartech EA series will be used as tank side addition to prevent rust, eleminate water and to reduce bacterial formation which results as slduge in heavy fuels. Pls do not hesitate to contact me for further details.


Serdar Firkan
Naval Artitech & Marine Engineer
Dear Mr. Greg,

Can u give me an idea for what type of oils the electrostatic filteration can be done . Like Turbine oil, Fuel oil, furnace oil etc.
Thanks & regards,

Originally posted by Greg Livingstone:
Yes, this is possible. Why are you investigating this? I have some interesting data on this...feel free to e-mail me if you are interested.
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