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Dear falks I´d like to share with you the tests we are performing in our facilities regarding to obtain the 16/13 iso code for caterpillar engine oil.
We have used high efficiency filters, change circuits from serial to paralell, close by pass valves on the filter base, reduce speed of electric motor and pump but we can´t obtain this code.
The ferrographic analysis said the we don´t have wear elements that can affect this conditions. Our pump we have is 1800 rpm, 12 gpm.
We think that the additives of the oil can be affecting this code.

I´d appreciate your comments
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you're wright, the iso code in engine oils is affected by the high concentration of additives, this is one of the weaknees of the instruments used to control the iso code due to can't detect the difference between abrasive and non abrasive particles, have you ever use the test patch from pall.

rgds, pcancino

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