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Is commnon to find these days, offers from lube oil supplier, mainly for bids, the best solution: lube oils analyzers for field applications.

I would like to know some experiencies about the results of these equipments and correlations with test run at a laboratory with different equipments. What we can suggest to the end users (customers) mainly maintenance people? Do you recommend? If so what are the main restrictions? The suppliers of these equipments normally says there is no necessary to send the sample to the lab.

Thanks in advance. Maria.
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The fast and the Lab analysis serve different purposes.
Fast Lube Analyzers are intended to give a go-nogo information to the machine operator. In case the results are positive, then no need to bother, however if the results are dubious or negative, either just take action to drain the oil or send a sample to a lab for getting more information on the possible reasons with a further evaluation.

For understanding if the lubricant is OK, fast analyzers are useful. Sometimes you want to understand why the lube is deteriorating, and there you want to do a focused lab analysis.

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