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We were have color problems with our EHC oil system -- after trouble shooting it for a while we finally checked the selex sorb filters -- cut them apart to look at the filter media-- as you can see we have different filter media. Can anyone answer the following questions for me:

1. What is the media that looks like spheres?
2. How can I check to make sure the other media is selex sorb and not fullers earth?
3. How do you know when the selex sorb filter has exceeding capacity?

Any answers will be appreciated

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Not familiar with selex sorb.
But the spheres are possibly two things:
#1 - welding fume nearby the breather. If you are not using a breather filter such as DES-CASE and a have a weld bay near this machine, spheres will show up in your oil analysis and filter media.
#2 - you could have ADHESIVE wear problems "metal-to-metal contact happening.

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