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After the treatment in centrifugal separators of residual (heavy) fuel oil Bunker C (distillate Nº6), a lot of sludge oil, water and solid residues result.

We pretend or intend to use this sludge oil as fuel for a water tube boiler.

I will very much appreciate if someone in the Forum can give me a site of the web, a paper or advice regarding with the filtration (treatment)of this sludge, prior to feed it to the boiler.

Thanks in advance.
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I am not sure if the following helps.

I have come across a product called Sureburn made by a company called Fueltreat which helped solve the following problem.

The problem was that a heavy fuel oil tank (used in a powerhouse) was heavily contaminated with sludge, water and a hard carbonaceous solid. In the lab, Sureburn was able to leach away the solid matter into tiny suspended carbon particles which looked very much like soot which will allow it to be burnt away. It is however for oil fired systems.

It would also pay to check with both your local environmental authority and boiler manufacturer if the burning of the of the sludge oil is going to create any black smoke or more emissions.
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