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VIB 5.364-2 VIBXPERT trending package 2 channels (includes Omnitrend Software and registration documentation)

VIB 5.386-FM VIBXPERT firmware module 'balancing'

VIB 5.386-HW VIBXPERT transducer set for 2 channels

Unit ready to balance in 2 channels

Up to calibration November, 2008. Unit in excellent shape and working conditions

Costs around USD 24,661.00 factory price.

So my price is USD15,000.00

contact me at
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Originally posted by Wabuti:
We are looking for a proforma invoice for the vibxpert ( VIB 5.364-2), we need to purchase two units for condition monitoring purposes

chris Wabuti

Hello Chris,
you might be able to contact us - PRUFTECHNIK - directly if you wish. We will give you support and serious after sales training. You might ask the people of MUMIAS. They have our products.
Best regards,
Dear all

As I said it my post, "up to" means calibration is due on November 2008.

This is to clarify some comments within this post

Factories recommend calibrating the unit every year for obvious $$ purposes. I can bet many units since they have electronics inside can withstand a longer period easily.

Chris is you want a quote for an used system in excellent condition with software, please write to me at

We can negotiate price and also give some support on the use of the equipment and software in many ways.


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