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Originally posted by JE:
What means the GM4718M oil spec?
I am in europe, can't find the recommended oil according to GM for the corvette C6.

Why can't I use the 5W30 ACEA A3?

Regards JE

JE....list some of the oils that are readily available in your area. We can go from there.

I would think you should be able to(Being in Europe),actually find something that exceeds the spec you mention. That spec listed is the minimum,not the maximum just for the record.

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Originally posted by JE:
What means the GM4718M oil spec?
I am in europe, can't find the recommended oil according to GM for the corvette C6.

Why can't I use the 5W30 ACEA A3?

Regards JE

I don't know the laws in the Netherlands, but in the US and Canada, if you are required to use an oil on the manufacturers list, then the manufacturer has to provide it for free. In the US and Canada, you just have to look to see if GM4718M is listed on the label, and you will have met the warranty and manufacturer requirements. And if that oil has a warranty for the length of the oil change interval you want to perform, just in case it fails, then you are even better off.
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Found some 5W-30 oils ACEA A3 spec.

Castrol Edge
Castrol SLX Professional
Motul 8100 X-Max
Motul GM LL A/B 025
Mobil 1 ESP Formula
BP Visco 7000
Havoline HWSA Ultra S
Gulf Formula GVX
Gulf Formula XLE
Gulf Formula G
Gulf Formula GMX GM LL A 025
Gulf Formula ULE
Shell Helix Ultra
Shell helix Ultra AG (GM)
These are available here in Holland, they are all ACEA A3, but none is mentioning the GM4718M spec.

During the search I found a lot of other 5W-30 types .

Unbelieveable how many different types 5W-30 oils are on the market.
Engine builders first design their new engine, after that the oil companies has to design and develop a suitable oil.
Many oil companies recommend their correct motor oil on their websites. Here is the one for Castrol in the Netherlands: . Most have product recommendations based on year, make, model and engine. Just follow their recommendations and you will be fine.

In the US and Canada, most vehicle manufacturers recommend an oil that meets API specs. These are very minimal specifications that the lowest priced oils often meet. Chevrolet realizes that many of these API oils are not robust enough to work well in a Corvette, so they upgraded the API specs slightly and invented their own spec. European oils are generally much better than our API specs, and likely already meet or exceed the Corvette spec, so it may be unnecessary to list that spec on their bottles, especially since Corvettes are fairly rare in Europe, yet common place in the US.
Originally posted by JE:
I can fill in my license plate number and Castrol wil find the oil Smile
it is the edge 0W-30

Nice tool huh, guess who made it ;-)

In NL & Germany you can also now send your licenseplate in an sms to 5040 (Dutch nr) and receive the recommendation. (In Dutch: SMS dan CASTROL spatie + uw kenteken naar 5040)

In NL this is a paid service, in Germany for free.

We also developped it for Mobile usage:


Have fun!
Why do I find the edge 0W-30 (ACEA A3)in your database?
and not the edge 5W-30 (ACEA A3)?
or the Magnatec 5W-30 (ACEA A1)?

And is there a difference between the Castol oil Edge and Magnatec from the Netherlands and the Castrol oils from Germany?
The german site recommends Magnatec 5W-30 C3?

And why is the US EDGE 5W-30 (ACEA A1) according to the GM 4718M spec?
Is the US EDGE different from the EU EDGE?

And why does your database not recommend BP oil.
Castrol is owned by BP?

Many things I don't understand Smile
the Mobil database link doesn't work
Well, the recommendation itself, on technical and marketing level, I can not influence. The technical guys at the local/national offices determine the recommended product based on the OEM recommendation.

Also depending on continent or even country, blending ingredients and formulas can vary, so be aware where to purchase or at least check the lable.

We also do BP, just check our website go to company and then references!

have fun!

Mobile site seems to be down, I will check it.
found some more news on Dexos 1 oil spec in the GM engines

and it also mentioned on the mobil site

and now found in the new corvette 2011 owners manual , see page 310 and further

Is the dutch shell helix ultra extra a Dexos 1 oil?
As it is for the other shell US brands

Shell Quaker State Ultimate Durability Full Synthetic dexos1 5W-30 GB1A0702014

Shell Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic dexos1 5W-30 GB1A0703014


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