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I have a hobby of working on small engines. The above link is my cheap Troy-Bilt blower/vacuum. It has less than 20 hours on it. Always used Amsoil Saber Pro or Stihl Ultra synthetic 2-Cycle oils at 40:1 ratio. I am not blaming the oil for the problem, but wanted to show that a cheaply made/designed engine will still fail, even with some of the finest oils out there. I don't think any oil can protect against poor engineering, machining, and assembly.

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Originally posted by Deltona_Dave:
Yep, a "One Season Wonder". Next week I am going to buy a Stihl or Echo from my local dealer. I support the locals. Good service, great product, and have parts I need.

Insert cheap shot: Not even Miro's wonder lube would protect this engine.


I was sooooooo close to saying that same thing!!! Big Grin (Just had too now at the other place.)

Bad motor is a bad motor.
I have an even cheaper homelite blower with over 20 hours on it. It sees the amsoil two stroke Saber professional at aground 80-100:1. It runs/starts like a top.

When fueling up I use Marine grade Sta-Bil in all my fuels,Sea foam last few years too,a little acetone in all fuels,and Amsoil two stroke oil for the two strokes. The four stroke fuels also get either,MMO,or lucas UCL.

If you have carb issues,this will damage the engine.

What type of fuel,and additives did you use,if any? I see a carb/fuel issue on this motor that caused the damage. That is damage,not factory defects,or the carb was defective when new.

Whoever said not to use blowing smoke,literally. I have been using it for many years now on all vehicles.........never an issue. The ratio is 3oz./10 gallons of fuel. When using Sta-Bil with acetone is when I see fuel economy improvements around 10%. Acetone alone does not improve fuel economy!

This product already has acetone listed..

PS. To answer the wise crack over synlube,Trajan..............they don't sell two stroke oil.......but you wouldn't know that because you are not a customer,Trajan. Maybe you are,and not telling us?
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This engine and my string trimmer, same brand, same engine, but a 2005 model. Always used Sta-bil in the gas, and proper oil mix 40:1 Sabre or Stihl Ultra.

As of a few weeks ago, I am running Sta-Bil, a little MMO, and Opti-2 oil (semi-syn) at 40:1. Trimmer still runs strong, with normal maint.

E-10 is a big killer on Carb Gaskets.

The point is that this engine was built on number produced, and not quality. When I pulled the piston from the cylinder, the ring gaps were aligned! A big no no for anyone that has built/rebuilt engines. I had rebuilt the carb on this machine using OEM rebuild kit and adjusted the mix to run a little rich, as most are set for lean burn (thanks EPA). I have not torn down my trimmer, but it does have a Walbro carb with 3 stop manual choke and not a Zama EZ-start.


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