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Well, from a quick lock at their website, I didn't see anything horribly interesting...CONOCO Hydrocracked/hydraclear is the same as Motorcraft (at least in 5W20), and it is a great oil.

The oils other oils they list as having the special EP additives look OK...their specs are decent, espicially their TBN. However, the pour points aren't in the real synthetic league, and they aren't talking about their base oil, only the additives are supposed to be special.

Quicky comparision between their 5W40 and Delvac 1 and Rotella Syn. , shows Delvac pretty much killing it in all specs but starting TBN, which can be measured a variety of ways, and we know that D1 retains TBN VERY well. Rotella also comes out ahead on most specs.

Since D1 will soon be avalible everywhere that sell Mobil 1 (as Mobil 1 Truck and SUV) for less than $5/qt, I really don't see any point to this new oil.

Finally, if you compare the spec sheets, I don't see much difference between Rotella 5W40
In fact, it looks like Rotella 5W40 might actually have a big edge in cold cranking /cold viscosity. Which, as Rotella Syn is basically a good Group III oil, it seems fair to say that TriboMaxx™ EP Engine Oil must have a baseoil that performs worse than group guess is on a Group II+ or a blend of Group II and Group III. In any case, Rotella 5W40, which runs $3/qt at walmart is an equal or better oil in my oppinion.

The big question is how much this stuff $2/qt it would be a great $3/qt is would be overpriced.

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