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Hello everyone,

during the vibration data collect tour, I have detected high level on both DE, and NDE bearing in the Horizental direction, at the frequency of about 3x.
The motor drive a reciprocating pump (mot puley diametre=140mm, pump puley diameter=140mm)
the motor speed=1000rpm so about 16.67HZ
Vib levels are: DE horizental: 3.55@52.5 Hz
DE vertical: 1.73@ 52.5 HZ

NDE horizental: 3.22@52.5 HZ
NDE Vertical: 1.06@52.5 HZ
1.08@32.5 HZ
DE axial: 0.89@52.5 HZ
2.37@32.5 HZ
the vibration level is in velocity mm/s RMS.
as you can see lthe level at DE horizental is 3.55mm/s RMS and at NDE horizental is 3.22
I can not determinate what is the default.
please comment.
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