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Hi friends,

I need your helps...My ATF II has got -37°C pour point , but my one customer says that "the ATF is like a gel at -10°C". is it possible? If yes, how does it happen? I have never encountered such problem. So I couldn't find any solution. Please help me..

I am waiting your opinions..

Best Regards
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Hi engpel,
If only one customer has the gelling difficulty and other customers are all OK with the same product then it appears the customer with the gelling difficulty ATF may have been contaminated with another product or even if there is only one customer you may have to test, an FTIR scan on the new ATF and the Used Gelling ATF should indicate what type of product has contaminated the fluid, I'm not sure if the fluid was damaged whether that would change the pour point but if the ATF was damaged you should be able to smell the burnt fluid and note a darker colour when checking the used fluid.
Rob S

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