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I recently took my car into the firestone to have my oil changed, but before I did that I had just got my car out of the shop when I replaced the radiator and the fan when I asked if there was anything else wrong with my car I was told no, so that same day I took it in for a oil change nothing was said to me about a leak. I drove it 186 miles to my moms and back home and my car was smoking I took it back to a different firestone and was told it was over filled and that caused the rear seal to break. I was told to take it back to where I got the oil changed and ask them to fix the problem when I got there the other stores story changed and this store said it wasnt their fault but they can fix it for $868 what should I do?????
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Mrs. Thompson,

Seems like you've encountered a bad shop... If they are the only one to have "touched" your oil (changed it) they should know better than overfilling the engine. If they still deny having done anything wrong, I personally would have told them I'd file a lawsuit against them, asking for a new engine, bla bla bla.... Usually they'll give up and replace the broken seal and fill your oil to the correct level this time.

Then again, it wouldn't hurt if you'd check the oil levels in your car yourself once every while, you know you're the only one you can trust, and you're with the car every day...

I hope you get this sorted out and can ride on in your car without any more problems.

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