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Hello Members
I'm trying to buy a Fumoto easy oil change valve, i've tried the fumoto website, but they don't service europe because of fraud, eventhough the site says they do.

I've been given another website, but when i go to the purchasing, IE says it hasn't got a trustworthy certificate, and thinks its a dodgy site, it will allow me to overide it though.

Has anyone bought stuff from them, was it safe and ok, did they get the things they ordered.

Does anyone know of another website that they've bought this item from, that will sell overseas (UK).

Any help would be grateful

Kind regards
Original Post

I have not dealt with this company, but I accessed it, and it seems legit to me. They feature few selected products (not a full line) of Amsoil, Espar, Fumoto and Evans products. I think the site is owned by some small AMSOIL dealer, because of the amount and specificity of information offered. They might be new in such online business, judging from their own admission that there may still be some kinks with the site and their plea for people to let them know about it so that they may correct them. However, you may call them toll free at 1-888-306-4255 (this # is from their website) and ask them if they would ship to UK. They have pretty good selection of Fumoto easy oil change valves (several pages), and they are all in $20 range.

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