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Dear Folks,

We're monitoring the ISO code in the motorized wheels of the Komatsu 930E, before and after the microfilter process with a filter of 1 microm beta 1000, and in several times we had obtained higher ISO Code in the filtered samplem than in the one non filtered? with the same sampling process, the lubricant is an ISO VG 680, the sample is diluted before run in the APC, can someone provide ideas about this topic?

rgds, pedro.
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Dear pcancino.

Your problem is most likely being caused by the dilution of the sample. Try diluting a test sample and running it 10-20 times through your APC. You may be disappointed with the repeatability. Unless you can obtain good repeatability you will need to find a lab that can handle heavier oil, we frequently count oils up to 1200 cSt

A couple of things for you to consider. The paint shaker creates air bubles in teh sample and that will affect some of the APC's. Your pump/filtration system might be stirring up the contamination in the wheel motors. That might be the source of the higher code numbers. More obvious might be your sample bottles.
We operate 830e's with the GE 787 wheel motors. How do you have your filtration system configured?

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