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Dear Folks, we're using an APC from Hyac Royco, and we can't perform a good trend analysis in the ISO VG 680 used in the motorized wheel of Komatsu, we're thinking in implement ISO 4407 but our main concern is how much time need an analist to perform the test? if someone can provide much info, i'll be gratefull.

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The preparation time for microscopy for an ISO VG 680 grade oil will take time (I would estimate 1 hour for 100 ml oil).

The counting (ISO 4407) is also time consuming -I would estimate approx. at least 15-30 minutes for an experienced analyst.

I would recommend to look into the LaserNet Fines from Spectro. You would need to dilute the oil with some clean solvent due to the high viscosity.
Originally posted by pcancino:
Dear Mr. Hughes

In your opinion is better complement ISO 4406 (APC) + Ferrography or ISO 4407 for ISO VG 320 to 680 + ISO 4406 (APC) ISO VG 220 and lowers grades + Ferrography.

Thank you very much.

I would look into diluting the sample with clean solvent (heptane-n or similar) for thicker oils (due to visc and evt. high contamination levels) and continue with APC+Ferrography in your case.

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