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Read our primer articles on Desiccant Breathers and Oil Filter Carts.

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A kidney loop filtration system is just an outside loop on an oil storage tank. The advantages to these systems are they simple to install and they are out of the critical path, so their operation does not affect the availability of the lubrication system.

The actual system can consist of a pump and filter for a simple system. More advanced systems, like the ones we make, have an active filtration system to remove particles down to submicron levels. There are also small systems that consist of just a filter that is placed in the return line from a pressure regulator in a hydraulic system.

The system you need can be determined by the tank size and the level of cleanliness you wish to achieve

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The Noria website also have quite a few articles on filtration, it's terminology and case studies that may help. There's also a technical reference guide by donaldson that gives some good basic background on filtration. If you google "kidney loop filtration principles", it should come up with the technical ref guide blue pages. It's best to do a bit of reading on the basic terms & principles to get a handle on it before deciding on what you need. Most major filtration companies are able to help and spec up the kidney loop cart unit to what you want.
I hope this helps.
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