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We are currently setting up an Oil Storage and Dispensing room at our ******** and want to use “lint free cloths” to wipe down our oil dispensing and distributing equipment. What constitutes a “lint free cloth” for the purposes of oil storage, dispensing, and distributing? Do you have any suggestions for a cloth that can be used?

I have the specifications for Tex Wipe Wipers TX309 (used in other areas of our ********). They include information such as; particles and fibers – particles 0.5-5µm @ 400x106 particles/m2, 5-10µm @ 15,000,000/m2, fibers:>100µm 80,000 fibers/m2; Ions Sodium 50ppm, potassium 1.5ppm, and chloride 7ppm. How do these particle counts compare to ISO particle counts used in oil analysis? Will the ions present in the cloths affect the oil quality? I.e. will we start seeing sodium in our oil analysis, either new or used oil?
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Hi Heather

The type of cloth you use to wipe down the outside of your dispensing equipment and or containers, should not impact your oil analysis results of lubricant, in service, in your equipment. I would only caution the users of teh containers to keep them closed, when not in use.
Its great to learn some one there is looking at elemination of contamination while lubrication, yes lint present in the media used is the major enemy for machines , especially hydraluic systems and bearings. not sure on the product you mentioned - however for sure WYPALL® X80 Wipers is a great wipe that helps in cleaning the systems. Always ensure that you use different medias for external and internal cleaning. Also avoid static fabrics that may be lint free. I can send you some samples if you desire (fOC).

Would you need more details do contact - i would share the specifications - i do nothave them handy currently.

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