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Lubemaster are Certified Labs Product division are an holding of NCH. The same product is sold By Chemsearch, Certified Labs and Lubemaster. I had Work for Certified (Lubemaster) 4 years. The product are very good but the price is too high if you compare to compete, that's Why I Left Certified. Now I'm working for Texas Reffinery. Is a company existing since 1922 and they invent the famous red grease that every lubricant company try to copy, but they don't have the recipe (Like Kentuky Fried Chicken). That's depend too where you want to apply the grease. No grease was good for all. You have on the market grease for Speed, Impact, pressure, Water, Hot surface ...etc.

I hope I response to your question.
Sorry for My english I'm french.

Good Luck
I have dealt with Lubemaster and have found them to be very good. I do not believe their prices are high. They offer a good line of grease that works very well in harsh environments. Our plant uses the grease in applications requiring low water washout and heat resistance. You can look them up on the web at Certified Labs. I would personnaly reccommend trying them and making your own decision based on the application.
It is always refreshing to see director's of transportation or plant managers, (I assume you are one or the other) realize that grease is not grease and oil is not oil. Lubemaster is a very specialized grease and will outperform a "commercial grade" grease every time. I have been in sales for over 20+ years and have been associated with a lubricant MFG company with over 160+ years experience in the lubricant field. You would not sacrifice quality switching to that company I represent and you would reduce your product purchase costs nearly 40%. I do temperature readings and energy analysis comparisons in the field to verify my statements. Business is very good.

David F.
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