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New to this forum. Several fuel additive products claim to contain lubricants for the engines "top end", as a replacement for the lubricating qualities of lead no longer found in unleaded fuels. (Several of my friends run a 50:50 mix of pump gas/leaded race gas in their dirt bikes, just for this reason.)

In particular, Redline Complete Fuel System Cleaner and Klotz Octane Booster. I have run the Redline product in my truck fuel (and Redline oil in the crank case) and the Klotz product in my quads fuel (and Maxima Extra or Ultra oil in the crank case).

I presume both these products contain some kind of ester synthetic for the top end lubrication, as both these brands are big on esters (???).
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With the high quality valve train components used in bikes and car engines I don't buy into upper cylinder lubes and the hassle of dosing every tank these days .

I do buy into a good dose of Chevron's Techron or similar being used every so often to help clean the back side of the valves and combustion chamber during the last tank of fuel before an oil change .

Even the GM engines are going 300k and more w/o need of a valve job and most of the combustion chambers look pretty clean considering the miles .

Just my opinion based on the many engine tear downs I still see at the local race and machine shops .
Almost forgot about piston rings .

There is an additive company thats been testing two specific adds for use in motor oil with good results " how I interpit it " in lowering piston ring wear and using real time Radioactive Tracer Technology to do it . Neat stuff .

That Maxima motor oil your using has one of those additives in it although it may or may not be from the same company .
I used Maxima's SuperM and Tundra formula 2-cycle lubricants in my tank. Results were promising, but with winter settling in, and cost considerations of today's price gouging gasoline, I put that experiment on hold 'till we see fair weather again.

I used a ounce lube/gallon gasoline ratio, and some said it was too much, others said use more. This made it about 150:1 ratio with the odd size of my tank. No smoke, no smell, but did see improved mileage. This was done with the Ultra in the crankcase as well, so I guess it was like having a double dose of "cleaning" so to speak.

Any comments based on my personal experience are very much so welcomed.
Just gotta watch , some fuel adds can make the engine oil look bad in analysis . One reason in the other thread I suggested not to test this initial Maxima 0w-30 run . Get a good baseline UOA then resume fuel dope testing if needed .

Catalytic converters mask visual smoke .

Lucas UCL = low nitration at 2-3 ounces per 10 gallons . It has something in it to help pop the gas off where the two stroke oils do not .

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