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I had Makino Spindle oil analyzed. The results are 17/17/17. I filter the spindle oil with a 3 micron absolute filter with a beta ratio of 200. I have not seen a case of the ISO classes being the same at 4-6-16 microns. Copper is also high on 2 samples at 94 & 1200 ppm. I assume that this is from the copper cooling line. Please advise if you have experience with a Makino MCB 1210 Horizontal Machining Center.
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17/17/17 is an indicatio that the particle counter reading is not valid

it is common situation which frequent happend for laser particle counter when the sample is dirty or wet (as explain by Eric and Schmid)
just you can re-test with another particle counter method.

but for the maximum Cu content on your oil shall evaluated from the characteristic of your equipments.
Try to collect 6 data which you considered as normal
Set The Maximum Cu content = Average + (3 x STDEV)


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