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I'm working on the design of a lubrication system for a Motor/Generator set. The specifications of the project require accounting for pitch and roll, excessive vibration, and shock conditions. I'm concerned, due to a lack of experience with this particular application that our oil will foam excessively due to the environmental conditions.

The oil quantity for the application is 200 gallons with a 5 minutes resident time. Weight is an issue, otherwise we would have increased the oil quantity. Is anyone aware of any good resources for resrvoir design with regards to baffling etc. to minimize foaming and entrained air? And/or do you have any advice as to the proper baffling, ventilation techniques to to point me in the right direction?

Thanks for your time.

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I am not a hydraulics expert or engineer nor do I play one on any media. It sounds like your application will be shipboard. In order to keep the suction strainer as low as possible in the fluid the tank bottom could be curved so as the craft rolls side to side the bottom of the tank sort of rolls around the suction strainer, the air bubbles will stay at relativly the same height in relation to the strainer. At least one baffle plate will be needed and it might be angled over the over the suction strainer to spread the air bubbles over a larger area as they work their way out of the oil. the oil return should be below the oil level to reduce air entrained as the oil splashes into the tank. Just a few thoughts hope it helps.
Those are definitely ideas to keep in mind. Currently the concept I'm working with has vertical baffles to increase the residents time and to prevent any of the oil hot oil from "short cutting" through the reservoir. My hesitation with curved baffles is the unit we are designing will have several shipboard locations and there's no garauntee with repect to the orientation ot the reservoir. So the possibility may remain for a dome shaped reservoir if the location allow for the height required for a design.

I have been tossing around options for the flow path as well. Would it be benificial to stagger the passages through the baffles? Or is it sufficient the keep the passage ways near the bottom of the reservoir, facilitating the flow of the coolest oil in each section. I'm concerned the latter option alone could lead to some short cutting.
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