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Exxon/Mobil has discontinued it's line of AW greases and substituted the XHP series grease. Has anyone used the XHP grease in applications where AW was privously used? Exxon/Mobil assures users that they are 100% compatible but I haven't done any testing or used the newer grease. Any input/comments would be appreciated.
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if ExxonMobil assures that they are 100% compatible, it might be so. grease incompatibility comes from the thickener type, and I would guess that the thickener and the oil are the same, ant that the XHP grease might have a better performing AW, there should not be any incompatibility. Call ExxonMobil and ask for a certification for compatibility, or for instructions on how to make the change. That will quiet your doubts.
We have made the transition from Mobil AW to XHP... I recall the replacement was first announced over five years ago. ExxonMobil is starting to be more aggressive with consolidating the Exxon and Mobil products. You might already know that the Mobilgear products are being phased out and being replaced by the Exxon Spartan product line.

In any event, both are lithium based and are comparable when comparing their product data sheets.

ExxonMobil has a fairly good site if you need to find product the data sheets. Expect many more changes from the ExxonMobil giant.
AW is the last generation litium complex, XHP is the next generation. They are compatible, based on the ExxonMobil internal method. The base oil vis is higher, which means it's not a straight swap if you need to compy with GM's absurd LS2 requirements. If you have to comply the LS2, the direct replacement is Ronex MP, otherwise you'll be at least as happy with XHP as with AW.
Grease compatibility is primarily a function of soap type, but even that is getting fuzzy. As the complexing of soaps gets better, some of the historic "don'ts" are going out the window. Especially the Li-complexes - they seem to go with everything, Al-complex, polyurea, clay, incompatible results seem very rare, but what would I know?
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