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Hope someone can help me.

Recently our company bought ourself a MPC test kit, as we are a oil care company.

We are in the testing fase of trying to Decrease the VPR in certain lubeoil systems.

Every day we extract a sample on site, and send to our Lab who have the facilities to perfom the MPC test. We also extract 1 sample for our own lab to compare the VPR between our lab and their lab.

Unfortunately we cannot achieve the same results as they can. We follow the standard of ASTM D7843, and i know they are the same.

Whenever our external lab gets a result of VPR 30, we can only achieve VPR 20'ish of the same sample following the standard.
We have discovered that leaving out the petroleum ether to mix with the oil 50ml/50ml, we can actually achieve higher VPR, since the colour seems to stick better to the Patch (0,45micron)
But of course this is not according to the standard, so probably not recomendable.

ANy lab geeks, in here that have done this test and can give us some advice?
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