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I'm doing my best to research if I should or should not start using synthetic motor oil. I have a 2002 Toyota Tacoma 3.4L V6 with the TRD package. I’m just about to hit 40k miles on it and want to insure that my truck lasts as long as possible. The majority of my driving is freeways about 32 miles a day. I don't do any hauling or offroading, just your average commute type driving. I have done some reading about Mobil 1, Castol Syntec, and Amsoil. My first impressions are that there isn't anyway that amsoil can be that good. I have looked for conflicting information, but it seems the only info out there is on sites owned by their own distributors. As for the other 2 oils, they are made by companies I do have some knowledge of. I have spent the better part of 2 hours looking though this message board and I'm worse off than before. I’m no chemist, so most of the acronyms and numbers mean zip to me. I would appreciate any advice given. Thanks in advance.
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If what your asking is have I done a used oil analysis, the answer would be no. Until last night I had not even heard of such a thing. Is this a recomended process I should look into? Please understand that I'm quite new to most of this. I normaly just took my vehicles to the dealer or a quick lube and let them deal with it. The truck I have now is going to have to last me for sometime, so that is why I'm doing all this research.
I hope your still around as I bump this older post .

With that engine and your driving the Mobil EP synthetic will go an easy 6 months with very high residual TBN when drained leaving the engine very clean and not dilluting the next oil change . Same could be said about the Mobil Clean 7500 and in my view I would put the latter oil up against Amsoil any day of the week in performance vs dollar spent @ 6 month intervals in your engine , your driving style .

Problems I have seen on the internet is people who switch brands every oil change then try to decipher which is best . Worse is trying to decide based on someone else's oil analysis where who knows what was run in the fuel as an additive . Thats something I have seen left out of the content quite a few times in the past . Same can be said about doping the oils with additives . Casual omittence of facts ????? Big Grin

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