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Can anyone recommend a modern lubricant that is equivalent to the 'New York & New Jersey Lubricant Company, non-fluid oil, Grade F-925"?

The application is for a Hendey lathe (manufactured in April, 1941). Two lubricants are specified:

Oil - Houghton #DL 21-1/2 or equivalent
Viscosity #408 @ 100 degree F.
Baume 25.5
Cold Test Zero

Grease - New York and New Jersey Lubricant Company's "non-fluid oil", Grade F - #925
or equivalent

The lathe is lubricated through 2 methods:
1. The Alemite oil system (aprox. 36 zerk fittings), lubricating: 4 Fafnir precision MM 9113 WI (L) Thrust bearings on the Headstock (max speed is about 2,300 RPM):

and multiple bronze bushings on steel shafts, and gears with splined shafts:

2. Gits cups on the carriage (2 ea), and ball oilers on the tailstock (2 ea). These would take the oil.

I assume all of the Alemite (zerk) fittings take the same lubricant (the non-fluid oil), which is apparently, a grease.

Can anyone recommend a modern equivalent to the non-fluid oil?

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