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Read our primer articles on High Mileage Oil, Synthetic Oil and Kinematic Viscosity

Kirk, because you say it's so, means it's so? LOL

No one here is going to waste $32 to buy a qt of your oil to test it. Is this some new sales technique?

Imagine someone cooking your oil? You'll tell them they used the wrong stove or heat source. I can get any good synthetic oil that will protect as well, or better than yours and have a company with an address to back it up. Oh yea, and not be using a 50 wt oil in the process. My ride calls for a 30 grade the GF's ride a 20 grade. 50 grade no thanks, especially come winter time.

BTW Mobil cooked their oil in a frying pan to demo a point, nothing new there.

Dino oil hasn't let me or any of my family down. My father and uncle are at this close to 40 years now. If there was a problem they'd have found it. Proper care is the key, and use what the mfg says to use. What could be easier?

And, furthermore. If dino oil was so bad, the oil companies would not make it as no one would buy it. And auto makers would not spec it.

Sure Trajan---That's why you ran (dino)oil in your BMW?? Remember,you only ran the factory approved lube(G-III syn) in your BMW,and look how that turned out! Your car is now toast because of it!


A little education for Ya! The oil companies cannot 'stop' making dino oil as long as we have a need for fuel. Dino oil is a by-product of the refining process of crude into various fuels and all the other fractionated by-products that result from the distillation process!

Bottom line. All the end products get sold and used up in the market place---PERIOD!
Trajan--Shoddy maintainenence leads to sludge. (Includig not changing oil. Overlong oci's.)

We already are aware that nelect is never good, Trajan. Abuse/neglect is not the only thing that causes sludge.

I suppose you could say I am neglecting my car more than anyone out there who had sludge and perhaps didn't change their oil often enough,unlike myself-------WHO NEVER CHANGES THE OIL!....and yet I have no sludge/issues!

According to you Trajan,I should have nothing but sludge due to all the why don't I have at least some sludge??


What's up with your BMW?

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence to back them up.

Like RobertC says "Anecdotes still do not constitute data. Never have, never will. No amount of shilling will make it so."

Marketing hype is no subsitute for analytical data.

Misdirection and smokescreens are no subsitute for analytical data.

Testimonials are no subsitute for analytical data.

Such data is sorely lacking when it comes to synlube.
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