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Happy New Year
Here's a good one to commence 2013 with,
Food Plant making Biscuits, they have food grade lubricants, conventional lubricants and eatable food type oils on site,
The problem is they have a finished Card Board Box of wrapped biscuits from the store with a large oil stain on the outside of the box, product is all individually wrapped so no actual product contamination occurred but we have been asked to specifically identify the oil type on the cardboard so they can figure how the oil stain got on the biscuit box.
Our nose/sniff tests indicate the oil stain is not a normal non food grade lubricant but the stain could be a food grade lubricant or an eatable food type oil but the plant would like to know what the actual product was that caused the oil stain.
We are experiencing difficulty in deciding the best test method to process and extract an oil sample from the cardboard to accurately identify the oil type product that caused the stain and we’ll be grateful for any suggestions your individual experiences can offer,
Thanks for the assistance,
Rob S
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