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Anyone using the OSA-3 analyzer for analyzing used industrial lubricating Oil ?

It seems to be an interesting equipment ( OES + FTIR + Particle counter + Viscosimeter) all in one box.

Any feedback about this equipment ? I am interested to learn about the equipment sensitiviy, accuracy and reliability.

Also, can it be used as the main instrument at a small commercial lab ?

Tks in advance,

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I think you will find that a machine that is " all in one box " probably is more for a small operation that you have plenty time and money to do a really good flush. I don't think you will get good repeatability, no way to check accuracy of particle counter, alot of false readings, additives are not accurate or repeatable, and carry over some times can use almost a gallon of flush to clear last samples. Sorry
I would also like some feedback to the OSA units. With respect to im2krz4u, is there anyone else who actually uses these units and has information?

We currently use an OSA analyzer (OES + FTIR + Particle counter + Viscosimeter) at our mine site and are analyzing approximately 1000 samples per year from mobile and stationary equipment. We are fairly happy with it.

We have sent samples to another lab (used by the big yellow machine company) for comparison and have found that they are quite close to the results that we get on site.

I do not have much experience with other labs, so information from other users would be appreciated.

If anyone is interested, our supply costs are approximately CDN$5-6 per sample.
Do you know that? The OSA3 provides ten minute diagnostic fluids analysis for engines, transmissions, power steering systems, and gearboxes. The analytical results are available in either consumer friendly diagnostic formats that are used to evaluate internal condition of engines, transmissions, power steering systems, or gearboxes and the oils being used.

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