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I have eight large Dodge Pillow Block Bearings on Hammermills. The Mills are fifteen years old but still in OEM condition. We have fought these bearings overheating from day one. The problem is, the gap that the excess grease escapes from becomes full of dry, hard grease then the new grease sits in the bearing and churns building up heat very fast. Using Phillips Multiplex FS 220 now.  Is there anyone that has ran into this problem? Any ideas welcome!

Thank's KRH

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I ran some quick numbers, it looks like the base oil viscosity in the grease is too high. Even at 190 F you are looking at an operating viscosity of around 35.2 cSt when you should really be closer to 14 cSt. The Miltiplex FS 100 is going to be a lot closer to what you should be using in that application. If you can get me the rest of the dimensions for the bearings, I could run the calculations for how much and how often would be best for optimal lubrication.

Let me make that part even easier for you. here's a link to our calculator https://www.machinerylubricati...e-quantity-frequency.

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