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Hi every one!
I am new to this Forum and I would like to get some info regarding PP 5w30.I am tempt to use this stuff in my BMW,but there is one problem.My car reqier oil with spec ACEA A3,PP 5w30 is rated ACEA A5(on lower viscosity side).
My question is ,if Pennzoil Platinum 5w30 is approved and factory fill for Corvette and other fine and high performance automobiles like Acura, can it really hurt BMW E46 M52 engine?
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Thanks !
But for real ,what would happen if you pour oil with lower viscosity and HTHS to a car which calls for 3.5 plus.My car has 55K miles.Is it only manufacturer specification to run this specific oil in this car ,or it can have some negative impact ,how the engine sound and operates?
Another thing,can I mix half and half oils of same brand with different viscosities.Like 5w30 and 5w50 ,to get 5w40 ,or it does not work that way with oils ?
Thanks for any suggestion and professional advise.
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