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I don't think so, if there is any statement not to use polyethylene as oil sampling tube.

What message they may to convey:
The most common Oil lubrication system for Turbine and Electrical Motor, is forced lubrication system following API 614.

In this case, taking the sample directly through "Appropriate Sampling Port" is recommended, rather than taking the oil sample from Main Reservoir tank, using vacuum pump and flexible polyethylene tube.

thanks for the info guys.

I did do a test where I took some of my turbine oil (Mobil DTE-732) and about 8 feet of tubing. I filled the tu8bing up with the oil and let it sit for a week. I drained it out after a week and tested it for chemical interaction. I found none. I suppose an Engine oil that's high Base might cause an issue but since we only use the tubing for brief periods of a minute to obtain a drop tube sample I have decided to go ahead and use the tubing. No issues yet after a couple dozen samples.

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