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Actually I have many problems with Engine Oil, because I cant obtain ISO CODE, I try with filters of 2mic and synthethic media, flow <=4gpm and working for 8 hours I think that maybe the count particle test work with additive particles chains too and thats my problerm. But how can I eliminate this additive particles before this count particle test?

I use new engine cat oil SAE 15W40 and I start to filtrate with ISO 21/15 and after 8 hours I only obtain 19/11

Thank you

Ferreyros S.A.A Lima Perú
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You probably could for very clean used diesel engine oil and certainly could for used gas engine oil. But for you average used diesel engine oil you would probably need to dilute the oil significantly (say 1:100) and conduct an ISO 4407 manual count. Once you have enough sample data you could use your photo's to estimate other samples with reasonable accuracy. P.Prieto was trying to particle count new oil.

Hope this helps

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