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Somewhat recent set, engine has seen oil with MoS2, switched to BN on last oil change:

Earlier set, from some while ago:

Up to that point engine had only seen MoS2 used as additives go. Scribbled with a toothpick and finger at the strip to see if it is galling.

I'm thinking the grey stripes in the newer set are likely the BN.
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Originally posted by rttech:
Hi SonyAD, what is the particle size in use for the MoS2 and BN??
Thanks Rob S


Don't know for the MoS2 but particle size for the boron nitride additive (same manufacturer) is, per their data sheet, less than 0.2 μm or 0.5 μm (not sure which is outdated).

Here are a couple more recent pictures of the thrust side of the cam:

Something clearly went on.

Originally posted by Tim Vipond:
Do you have a Used Oil Analysis you can post?

Nope. I'm just an end user of the product.

Don't know of any outfit like Blackstone around here.

And I'm not sure they'd be able to tell much else besides the spike in Boron anyway.

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