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If you are looking at a system for luubrication scheduling and lubricant analysis, you might want to take a look at MAINTelligence (
To the best of my knowledge, MAINTelligence is the only system that allows you, in a single system, to schedule and manage data from
  • lubrication rounds - top ups, oil changes, greasing, level readings, lubrication application and amounts;
  • Inspection rounds - visual inspections, check lists, meter readings, temperature/vibration data;
  • Sampling programs - schedule samples, generate bottle labels (with or without barcodes), import data from labs or on-site instruments, and generate "commercial grade" oil analysis reports;
  • Full graphing package - overlay your oil analysis data onto your inspection, PdM or rounds data, 3D spectrograph displays, ISO particle count histograms etc.
  • Direct access to data from your lab service provider (Techenomics, Mobil, etc. down in Oz);
  • All data (oil analysis, lube scheduling, inspections) can be exported to XML, CSV, spreadsheets, other systems (like OSISoft's PI);

The MAINTelligence system also has interfaces to PocketPC based devices designed specifically for asset inspection and lubrication program management - many lubrication and inspection management programs have been implemented entirely electronically, without clipboards or paper forms.

If you are interested in more detail, you can look at a PowerPoint presentation or download our Total Lubrication Management white paper at


Steve Reilly
Design Maintenance Systems Inc.
You should take a look at the LOAMS (Lube Oil Analysis Maintenance System) program, provided by Analysts, Inc., an independent oil analysis laboratory. You can view a power point presentation at It allows for reviewing of all sample reports as well as an array of management reports from allowing you to view sample activity to identifying problem areas in specific equipment. Management reports can be created in real time based on your selected criteria and parameters.

The LOAMS program allows users to:
-Customize their own alarm limits
-Create assisted and custom graphs
-View 6 different management reports (Sampling Summary, Critical Conditions, Pending Abnormal and Critical, Monitor Abnormal & Critical, Sample Activity, and Condition Summary)
-Create diverse component reports
-And a multitude of other functions.

If you would like I can send you a demo disk. I hope this gives you some direction in your search for software.

Cary Forgeron
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Yes, there are software packages available, including options like Fleet Management Software or Maintenance Management Software, that can handle the maintenance of the information you mentioned. These solutions are designed to track routes, sample frequencies, oil change schedules, inspection/top-up frequencies, and can often export data to MS Excel. It's a good idea to research and compare different software packages, including those from Sloboda, to find the one that best suits your specific needs.

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This software offers a comprehensive system to chart and organize lubrication points, manage oil and grease products, and estimate completion times. It includes features like real-time mobile updates to inventory levels, detailed task instructions, and the ability to manage and monitor lubricant inventory. Additionally, it provides analytics to improve overall reliability and supports exporting data into MS Excel.
SKF’s tool helps you develop and follow up on your lubrication plan. It allows you to establish a mapping of lubrication points, generate lubrication task lists, keep history of performed tasks, and calculate relubrication quantities and intervals. It also offers expert advice on grease selection and best lubrication procedures. Feline blog

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