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I am searching for an Open-Source and free Vibration Analysis Software / Vibration Analyser. Following are main features I am interested in:-
1. Parameters to be monitored/analyzed:  Vibration, Speed , Temperature etc.
2. Software features:
 a. FFT analysis capability with high resolution # 1800 lines minimum..
    b. Trend data (discrete and dynamic data records), Alarm/Event data (discrete and dynamic data          records), Transient data (discrete and dynamic data records)
 c. Analyze the parameters using defined FFT frequency spectrum bands with tracking filters to extract          machine failures as the following’s failure modes: Unbalance, Resonance, Misalignment, Mechanical          looseness, Bearing degradation, Pump cavitation, internal pump hydraulic problems.
 d. When an event trigger input is received, the module shall retain a historical data record of overall          vibration levels and programmable frequency band vibration levels plus the last frequency spectrum          for each channel. The data record must contain at least  40 discrete and 64 dynamic data samples each          channel taken at a time interval that is programmable down to one second and retained until reset.          The data shall be accessible either locally or via the communication network when utilizing          appropriate software.
 e. Static Measurements must include: Eccentricity, differential expansion, eccentricity, thrust, road          drop.
 f. The software must present a complete picture of the pump with fault frequency calculator,     statistical based alarms, rule based diagnostic. Graphics must be easy to understand. Long term          storage ( in an open database -MS SQl) of all measured and calculated parameters – to provide          predictive maintenance , historical trending and diagnostics.
3. Data Interfaces : OPC Server: Including OPC server for data output (Export),  OPC Client: Including OPC client for data input (Import)
4. Analysis Tools: Trend Projection: Plot tool; selectable curve fit. Advanced Cursors: Plot tool; linked plots, single, delta, harmonic, sideband cursors. Automated Diagnostics: Expert system; almost 200 predefined rules, easily add user defined rules using intuitive linked objects rules editor. Fault Frequency Identification: Plot tool; automatic, applied to plots & reports. Defect Frequency Modelling: Plot tool; rotating speeds, bearings, shafts, gears, belts, harmonics, sidebands & motors.
5. Plot Types: Discrete: Trend, Average Trend, X vs Y, Multiple Unit Single Data, Complex: Spectrum, Waterfall, Time Waveform, Orbit, Shaft Centerline / Polar.
6. Data Types:   Vibration: FFT Spectrum, Time Waveform, Vector, Magnitude / Phase
7. Report Types: Exception Report, Spectrum exception report, Maintenance Advisory. Report editor/predefined templates.
 I would greatly appreciate it if someone can point me in right direction. 
Many Many Thanks,
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