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I am a chemical Engineer working on developing methods to optimise- setting of wear metal alarm limits as described by following articles in practicing oil analysis Magazine:

1.Use Statistical Analysis to Create Wear Debris Alarm Limits By
Jonathan Sowers, POLARIS Laboratories, LLC
2.Statistically Derived Rate-of-Change Oil Analysis Limits and Alarms By
Drew Troyer and Mark Barnes

At present i am doing the preliminary search in understanding how OEM's develop these wear metal alarm limits. If somebody can give links on web or suggest papers/books on these (or other similar) methods for setting alarm limits (with the help of Statistical tools) that would be of great help.

Thanking in advance.
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Hi, we're using shewhart control chart ISO 8258, to the statistical control of the wear process, but as a laboratory with need more info from the oem's because when you change a component you need to star collecting data again due to the initial high wear, after that you can set the parameter to compare, you also need to use another statistical tool to eliminate wrong data result, the topic is very interesting.

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