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In my understanding , sulphation presents in Engine oil can come from poor fuel quality ( high sulphur acid).
My question is how can sulphate elevate in hyd oil and gear oils ? is sulphate part of oil additives since all oil analysis contain some amount sulphate usualy 17-20 ?
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Normally for Gear and Hydraulic Lubrication system, Oxidation is more likely to happen then Sulphation.  Sulphation occurs when sulphurous compounds react with either the additives in the oil or the base stock of the lubricant.

When it happen higher than The Oxidation result (by FTIR Analysis), so you may need to find from where the additional sulphurous compounds come from.

It may come from external contamination, it may come from low quality base oil, it may com from lubricant additives, or any other sources.

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