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Recent research on low HT/HS oils showed oils using salicylate detergents showed higher TBN retention even with lower starting base numbers .

Also the test oil with salicylate's and low low phosphorous outperformed the sulphonate oil with much more sulphur and phos in the anti-wear capability .

BTW ,I'm talking PCMO's here and not the oils typically associated with salicylate's in the formula .

Hint - Have you smelled your oil lately ?

Research Environment-Friendly Oils of Ultra Low Viscosity
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This technology in part or whole is in some of the HDMO's today . Seems a particular racing oil was using 50/50 salicylate's /sulphonate .

One of the HDMO makers known for using high levels of moly has completely removed it from their formulas and are using a type magnesium to replace it .

Some of the Castrol PCMO's have used it for a good bit of time now , me thinks anyway Smile
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