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Does anyone have any experience with the Tan Delta oil condition monitoring system. I have a marine application for the main engines and gearboxes.
We did some testing of the Tan Delta system several years ago and couldn't really get it to work correctly?
Please help.

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An oil condition monitoring system has oil quality sensors that can detect oil conditions in real-time using patented technology.

Listed below is the principle of operation:

  1. The sensor generates an electric field within the oil.
  2. The ratio of capacitance and conductance of oil is calculated by the sensor.
  3. This ratio is compared with the Tan Delta oil database and a TDN (Tan Delta Number) is generated.
  4. TDN is a measure of exact oil quality. TDN reflects the overall health of the oil on a scale of 1200 - 0. Higher the number, better the oil quality

Along with TDN, the Tan Delta display provides the rate of change of oil quality (ROC) with time and oil temperature.

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